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But for this weeks best sports book recommendation, im selecting the 1994 edition of the basw, which was edited by thomas boswell and features a murderers row of pieces, including five. If you ever watched a video of louie simmons speak, this book is no different. Louis simmons born 12 october 1947 is a former american powerlifter and current strength coach. Louie has said many times that beginners would fair just fine with westside. Order your copy or copies of the book of methods by using the order form on the right. In this strength manual, louie simmons lays out how the former soviet unions system for raising the gpp of their perspective athletes ages 710 can be used with the. The soviets had coaches, like matveyev, who realized there was a much better method of planning.

Likewise, louie recommended training the triceps daily to build bigger arms and improve the bench. The wide variety of special exercises will perfect form. Article by louie simmons there is much talk about training philosophies, methods, and methodologies. Join facebook to connect with louie simmons and others you may know. Fucking look at the guy, hes a god damn powerlifter, not some sort of kettlebell mobility freak. Tomorrow, i have no idea what ill be doing in the gym, louie simmons says during this special lecture. Louie is one of only 5 lifters to total elite in 5 different powerlifting weight classes. By louie simmons special strength development for all sports picture, paolo bona special strength development for all sports. I read this book wanting to learn more about the westside method, especially since i have recently started competing in. Explosive strength development for jumping by louie simmons and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. For example, louie recommended using the reverse hyper machine daily an excellent recommendation for building strength and muscle in the posterior chain without really compromising recovery in the primary work.

I have seen a lot of people successfully program this into a weekly schedule for normal human beings a. They recommend such strategies as doing reps to failure to eliminate assistance work and doing only the squat, bench press, and deadlift. Commentary on louie simmons debacle by john coffee and edward baker edward baker. A few weeks ago, powerlifter louie simmons released a book providing his interpretation of strength training for weightlifters. Books recommended by louie simmons weight training. If you have a serious interest in strength training, you no doubt know of louie simmons and westside barbell the home gym of some of the strongest men in the world. May 7, 2019 on itunes follow us on facebookinstagramtwitter. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the. However, simmons, clint darden, and others also add that beginners are weak everywhere and would thus benefit from ws training just the same. Simmons doesnt believe in foam rolling before workouts, but he likes it afterward. From training as a twelveyearold in this basement all the way up to the current location of westside barbell. Bronx ny, 10458, bronx ny 10463, bronx ny 10453 possible relatives. The louie simmons influence on weightlifting mash elite.

All the back articles written by louie simmons elite fitness systems 16143096176 17. Westside vs the world is a feature length documentary about the worlds most notorious powerlifting gym. Height louie simmons sometimes we have questions about. Concurrent strategies in strength training, part 1 elite fts. There has always been controversy over who came up with. For squatting, the farther back the bar sits, the greater the leverage. Louie simmons, age 44, bronx, ny 10458 view full report known locations.

The similarities of the westside conjugate system to the one devised by the soviets at the dynamo club are obvious. The information in it has been around since the former soviet union was in existence, but now louis simmons has made it understandable for all of us to use. Louie simmons, the mastermind behind westside barbell, recently released an olympic weightlifting ebook the olympic weightlifting strength manual. Im working on a 400page book right now, and 40 pages of it is dedicated to restoration.

At westside we do a lot of upright rows to thicken the traps. Ever wondered why louie simmons came up with one of the most optimal training systems in the world. Westside barbell is a private, invitationonly, elite training facility in columbus, ohio that was created by. Posterior chain louie simmons opened the eyes of millions of strength coaches and athletes with his teachings on the importance of the posterior chain. I use a 3 week wave system which leads into circa max and delayed transformation. If you ever watched a video of louie simmons speak, this. Kurz states some athletes can lower 10 percent to 60 percent more than they can overcome concentrically. The only 5 strength training programs youll ever need. I would suggest supertraining and any of the books from dynamic fitness over the rest. Increase your bench louie simmons special exercise and stretch by jim smith, cscs, rkc as all of you know, i just got back from the first ever westside barbell certification. This literature is falsely written under the premise that a bunch of random exercises are going to be the answer to make american. Increase your bench louie simmons special exercise. Be the first to ask a question about westside barbell book of methods.

Louie simmons, a man who has dedicated his life to powerlifting, suddenly gets crossfit certified and uses kettlebells once they become popular. It is the first book of four books in the louie series. Hes talking about the conjugate system, which has athletes constantly changing the exercises they do to prevent accommodation and overtraining. Louie simmons new ebook special strength development for. I spent 12 years training with the wrong methods, one being the western periodization. Louie simmons has made professional athletes stronger, faster and more powerful but at the end of the day, his method is aimed at being the strongest human being possible. Books by louie simmons author of westside barbell book of. Louie simmons is a world renown strength coach, powerlifter, and owner of a private powerlifting gym in columbus ohio. It seems everyone has their own, which they devised on the basis of their own experience. He devoloped the worldfamous westside barbell program and has invented several pieces of strenght training equipment including the lever reverse hyperextension machine. I need to hit a box squat cycle and evaluate them for myself i dont necessarily like poliquins argument that since the shins dont go forward it has no athletic application and i dont necessarily like louies there good for everyone statements because my guess is that the superwide, shins beyond vertical work is gear based, monolift based. This is a great book, full of information that can be immediately applied to your bench press program. The one interesting piece of advice that i will share was a book recommendation that he gave me and that was jonathan livingston seagull by richard bach.

Basically, you load the bar on a power rack and, while on your knees, you sit back, much like a child would sit back on his feet while watching television. Concurrent training in the iron game was made popular by the westside barbell club and louie simmons, who erroneously called it conjugate which is a term coined by yuri verkhoshanski to describe a method that utilizes a delayed training effect. I highly recommend this book and so does stephen e. Find out why westside barbell has become what it is today in a way that only louie can tell. Enter a book you like and the site will analyse our huge database of real readers favorite books to provide book recommendations and suggestions for what to read next. Louie simmons and coach kenn live the code as my man zach evenesh always says. Overall very satisfied with meet prep and the meet itself, hit squat and deadlift prs. We also do inverted flys with dumbbells, and we use a machine. Louie simmons has always been controversial within the olympic weightlifting community, and this particular book was no exception see here, here, and here if you are interested. He is noted for developing the westside conjugate method of training and applying it to powerlifting and other sports, as well as inventing several pieces of strength training equipment. Louie simmons has 9 books on goodreads with 849 ratings. As you leave one block and move to the next after three weeks, you will have lost at least 10 percent of the previous block. The past training years resulted in louies first book, the book of methods. The most accessible recovery tool westside uses is the foam roller for selfmyofascial release.

Louie simmons one must not use block style periodization as it leads to detraining. He mentions that he stays on anabolic androgenic steroids all year round with one of those compounds being exquipoixse. Books recommended by louie simmons weight training sports. Im not willing to just assume that all of the points from the other side are worthless, even if theyre largely naive, but i think louie has done by far the worst job at the highest publicity. I was always stronger a week or two after a meet or a week or two before the meet but very seldom on meet day. Louie simmons is an american powerlifter and strength coach. Concurrent training by definition means training to achieve multiple training goals at the same time. Thats like a band changing their genre to become main stream. The conjugate system is one of the cornerstones of westside barbell training, and simmons has used it to produce a host of top. Reflections on westside juggernaut training systems. This book is a collection of training methods i have obtained through the past 30 years. The upper back plays a large role in all three lifts. Louie is a childrens picture book written and illustrated by ezra jack keats, which tells a story about a shy boy named louie who goes to a puppet show and is enamored and excited about a puppet named gussie.

I spent 12 years training with the wrong methods, one being the western periodization that is a dead end street. If several similar results are shown, click the highest one. Buy westside barbell book of methods by louie simmons 2008 paperback by simmons, louie isbn. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Simmons has been a strength consultant for several nfl teams and is the inventor of the reverse hyperextension machine. In a recent tnation article, nelson montana interviewed the legendary strength coach louie simmons.

A lot of good information explaining the conjugate method but my god this book needed to be edited. Louie by ezra jack keats meet your next favorite book. He also reasoned, like you did, that advanced lifters have specific weaknesses to target. Reverse hypers, ghds, and goodmornings are used more than ever, and we can all thank louie for that. I dont believe in periodization in training, either. This book can be best described as the sometimes incoherent ramblings of a mad scientist. His exclusive gym, westside barbell in columbus, oh, has more than 100 world records to its name. The westside conjugate system by louie simmons crossfit. Start typing the title or the author of a book you like, and click on the link underneath which matches best.

He is noted for owning a private powerlifting gym, westside barbell. Louie simmonss most popular book is westside barbell book of methods. The story of the quest for perfect speed i cant say enough good things about each of my interactions with louie simmons. Legendary powerlifter louie simmons explains the methods that have brought success and records to westside barbell lifters.

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